thorXtri Extreme Triathlon Has A Nutrition Partner

thoXtri is an epic extreme triathlon in and around the stunning Fjords of South Western Norway. Learn more and preview the course...

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The ThorXtri is a simply epic Extreme Triathlon event set in the magnificent Fjords of South West Norway. One of the toughest triathlons in Norway and amongst the hardest triathlons in the world, those who complete this bucket list triathlon become 'thorXtri legends'. VOOM are proud, and really excited, to be partnering with thorXtri to deliver energy for a truly legendary challenge.


Video credit Oliver Scholz.


How far is the thorXtri?


This unique event is a full distance triathlon which comprises a 3.8 km swim (2.4 mile) in a refreshing Fjord, a 180 km (112 miles) 'point-to-point' cycle route taking in some stunning countryside to reach the coastal region of Stavanger. The event culminates in a seaside marathon run route taking athletes on a 42.2 km (26.2 miles) coastal run with a combination of road, tracks and paths before finishing at the impressive 'three swords' commemorative monument, hopefully before the midnight cut off!


The impressive 'three swords' site at Stavanger, Norway at dusk with the glow of the town's lights in the background

Photo credit Richard Larsson. 


thorXtri Course Details


Swim in the Lysefjord


After a 4am ferry departure the athletes face a 5am start for a refreshing 3.8km swim back upstream in the Lysefjord to reach T1. With three hydroelectric power station outflows to swim against and water temperatures likely to be 12 degrees or less, and cooling as swimmers approach shore, you can expect the swim to be far from straight forward. The rules do allow non-webbed wetsuit gloves and booties to try and keep out the cold!


Cold open water swimming in a moody fjord during ThorXtri event.

 Photo credit Ronny Gundersen.


thorXtri Bike Course


After the athletes' support crews have plied them with hot drinks to warm up after the swim, its time to don their cycling kit and the 180km bike leg starts with a bang! Competitors will ride straight onto one of Norway's famous road climbs. The 'Lysebotn climb' comprises 27 hairpins, forming a testing 10.5km climb at an average 8.3% gradient - athletes gain almost 800m in the first 11km of the bike, eventually peaking at 932m!


A lone cyclist rides through a misty and rocky mountain pass in Norway during the Thorxtri

 Photo credit Diego Lozano.


After the Lysebotn climb the stunning route takes in rugged, rocky landscapes, which can be quite daunting if conditions aren't favorable. In fair weather the sweeping countryside roads take you through fairytale land beside rivers, mountains, valleys and lakes - a joy to ride although! The prevailing Westerly headwind can make things difficult but the route eventually eases to a flatter final section as riders approach T2 and the areas of Sandnes and Stavanger.


thorXtri Run Route


After several hours of racing, the run course can be deceptively tough. An undulating seaside marathon run along a mixture of tarmac, gravel and tracks the saving grace may be your optional support runner! 


A runner battles over rocks and sand on the Norweigan coastline during the thorXtri extreme triathlon event

 Photo credit Rune Soltvedt.


As a whole, the event is as much an experience as it is a race, and those who take part enjoy challenging themselves to become a legend. It is said that when the Vikings went in to battle, to be sucessful they would need to have determination, strength, and metal fortitude - the same traits required to become a thorXtri legend! It is a unique and iconic event, and one which VOOM are really excited to partner with.


If you're inspired to follow the path of a legend you can sign up for this epic challenge here.


With so many spectacular locations and events in the beautiful, rugged landscape that Norway offers, keep your eyes peeled for further VOOM partnerships in Norway...



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