Which VOOM Pocket Rocket is right for me?

Each energy bar in the Pocket Rocket range has twice the energy of a gel plus added functionality. Find out how each rocket can help...

Beau Smith
By Beau Smith


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Do Pocket Rockets have twice the energy of gels?


The average sports gel for cycling or running has around 80-90kcal per gel with 20g of carbohydrates - usually around 45g or 60ml in total.


One Pocket Rocket offers just over 170kcal in four handy chunks - no messing! We use raw cane sugar and glucose to provide fast and medium acting energy sources.


The melt in the mouth texture whilst being enjoyable, allows some of the glucose (energy) to be absorbed into the blood stream straight from the gums. In this way the Pocket Rocket can act faster than a gel!


This also means some glucose gets into the blood stream before it reaches your digestive system which aids stomach comfort. You can try the Pocket Rockets in our VOOM energy bar taster pack.


All of VOOM's Pocket Rockets come in four handy chunks so you can take on energy as and when it's needed and avoid dumping a load of carbohydrates in your stomach in one hit as with an energy gel. This helps provide a more continuous energy supply to the muscles and minimises the risk of stomach issues. 


Three choices of Pocket Rocket


1 - Electro Energy


The Electro Energy is a caffeine-free energy bar which delivers 45g of carbohydrates (176kcal) in handy 4 chunks. We recommend one bite every 15-30 mins, to help maintain your blood sugar and energy levels but unlike a gel you can dose the energy as and when needed.



A male runner holds an energy bar and one VOOM Pocket Rocket chunk whilst out running



The 100mg of full-spectrum electrolytes also help replace mineral losses from sweat, which can help prevent cramp and speed up hydration. VOOM's electrolyte mix of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride is balanced to match the composition of sweat. B-Vitamins also fight fatigue and keep the body functioning normally.


This is your go-to energy supply, which can be stuffed in a rucksack, race vest or jersey pocket, without any stickiness or risk of melting. Ideal for a range of sports and activities and when you need to stay energised!



A VOOM Pocket Rocket Electro Energy bar protruding from the rear pocket or a cycling jersey



2 - Caffeine Kick


Off the start line and or 'get me home' - nothing comes close to the kick from this energy source.


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to caffeine intake, so, as with the benefit of portioned energy, you can also control your caffeine intake with our handy four block design. Each Caffeine Kick energy bar has 175mg caffeine and 100mg taurine in addition to 45g of carbs. Caffeine and taurine have been proven to enhance mental focus as well as reduce perceived effort and reduce fatigue.


As an example when out running, caffeine is a useful tool towards the end of long runs or races when fatigue is setting in. You can also use a couple of chunks before a particularly tough section of the course, like a big climb, to give a much-needed boost. It's also great towards the end of the bike leg during a triathlon to give you a lift just as you hit the run course. There’s definitely a psychological element to this as well, as you anticipate the hit of energy. An extra boost, just when you need it!



A VOOM Pocket Rocket Caffeine Kick held in a cyclists hands as he opens the wrapper



3 - Beta Blast


This bar will help you push harder for longer during high intensity efforts, while the caffeine can improve focus and reduce perception of effort. This rocket will give you lift off!


If you’re looking for a pre-workout boost to get your body physically and mentally prepared for a high-intensity training session or a race, the Beta Blast is the energy bar for you. Along with 2g of Beta-Alanine, which has been shown to increase levels of muscle carnosine to fight lactic acid, there is also 150mg of caffeine to keep you sharp.



An orange flavour Beta Blast Pocket Rocket in a cyclists rear jersey pocket



Do Pocket Rockets Really Work?


We've been on a two-year mission to develop and make an energy source that can compliment and rival the energy gel. We are very proud of the reviews we’ve received on our Pocket Rockets and especially happy that athletes of all abilities and sports are experiencing such a positive effect on their training and racing as a result of using VOOM products.



“VOOM offers a refreshing change to gels and gummies” Tri 247


“VOOM Pocket Rocket’s provide an energy source to keep you moving, naturally zesty without being overpowering” Athletics Weekly


"The packaging is nice, the bars are a good shape and size to fit into a pocket, running belt or race pack and carrying a bundle of Pocket Rocket energy bars is easy. They are certainly less messy than a gel too." Fast Running


“No sticky mess, melts in your mouth and doesn’t upset your stomach” Ali Rogers


"Voom keep nutrition simple and effective. Every product has a purpose and are all backed up by science and more importantly taste great. Highly Reccommended." Total Endurance Multisport Shop, Aberdeen




VOOM's range of sports nutrition products superimposed on a range of hills with the words Explore the VOOM range.


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