Ultra Endurance Energy

Gram for gram the most energy rich drink on the market! Endurance fuel for optimal endurance energy oxidation with 4:1 carb to protein ratio. Delicious, ultra fuel savoury flavour to avoid sickly taste of repeatedly consuming sweet products over a long period.

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Enjoy continued energy release from Isomaltulose, a unique low GI carb source paired with a base of pea protein, chickpea an MCTs for endurance energy.

Boost hydration, energy metabolism and fight fatigue with the Sparta blend of electrolytes, B-vitamins and aminos including L-gluatmine which improves fatigue markers and aids immune function.

  • Nutritional information

  • Ingredients


    Isomaltose (47%), pea protein (17%), coconut MCT's, chickpea flour, Amino acids (3.89%) (Glutamine, Leucine), Dextrose, Fructose, Electrolyte mix (Tri sodium citrate, Pink Himalayan salt, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Lactate), Natural flavour, B Vitamins.

    For Allergens: Please see ingredients listed in bold.

  • Directions


    Add contents of sachet with 500ml of water and shake thoroughly to mix. Drink as required during prolonged exercise to maintain performance and hit your CHO goals up to 90g/hour. We recommend 1 serving every 45-60 mins.  

  • FAQs
    • Do I need protein as well as carbs for ultra endurance events?

      There is strong evidence suggesting that protein intake during exercise will reduce subsequent muscle soreness and assist future performance, so in ultra or multi-day events this can become beneficial. Additionally, protein can be used as an energy source at the lower intensities we typically operate at during an ultra distance event, be it running, cycling or multisport. The protein in Sparta comes from a variety of natural sources, many of which also offer some carbohydrates. We’ve used oat flour, chia flour, chickpea flour and rice protein to give a healthy balance as well as a hearty, savoury taste.

    • Can amino acids assist ultra running performance?

      Leucine, one of the three BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) has been shown to preserve glycogen stores, reduce fatigue, reduce muscle damage which can occur during long-distance/ultra events. L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid with important role in immunity. Glutamine levels normally become depleted during exercise which can reduces immune response and allows and increase in fatigue markers in the body. Glutamine supplementation improves those fatigue markers, reduces the usual exercise-related drop in L-Glutamine and may reduce immune cell damage. Obviously supporting the immune system is very important for prolonged or multi-day performance and helps you stay strong day after day.

    • What kind of carbs does Sparta Fuel contain?

      The key carbohydrate source is isomaltulose which has half the sweetness of sucrose but still offers the energy associated with carbohydrates. With a lower GI (glycaemic index) this slower release energy source avoids the sugar spike ,and subsequent crash, from simple sugars and gives more sustained energy source for muscles and brain.

Go Further!

Low GI carbohydrate source providing sustained energy delivery and longer-lasting elevation of blood glucose.

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Consuming a carb:protein ratio of 4:1 during exercise can have a glycogen sparing effect and boost endurance.

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Improve Performance

Ultras, back to back long training days or multiday events, this drink supports immune function with L-Glutamine.

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