Taste Success with twice the energy of a gel! Sports nutrition for training or competition, VOOM IN Power Up!

Pocket Rocket Range

VOOM' range of Energy gel alternatives gives you exactly what you need, right when you need it!


Made with real fruit, they are stomach friendly and taste fantastic. A convenient way to dose your energy intake, whatever your sport. Run out of day, not energy!

These energy bars are easy to stuff in your pack or pocket and the unique bar design allows you to bite off just the right amount when you need it. Whether you want caffeine energy gels or caffeine-free,  VOOM Pocket Rockets are the energy gel alternative that won't upset your tummy!


A voom pocket rocket caffeine kick in purple wrapper, berry flavourr

The Voom Caffeine Kick gives you a little bit more; an extra boost just when you need it.

Providing a mental and physical boost, with 175mg of caffeine, B vitamins and 100mg of taurine. Get going and get home with Voom.

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A Voom Beta Blast Pocket Rocket in Orange flavour

Fire up your body and prepare for lift off. 

With beta alanine, caffeine and guarana, this rocket is recommended for pre-workout to give you the best start in training or competition. Voom in. Power up.

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Lemon and lime flavour VOOM pocket rocket electro energy bar

Perform longer, stronger and faster with a constant supply of energy and a full spectrum of electrolytes. 

Delivering 40g carbs and 160kcal, this rocket gives you all the power you need for 1 hour in 4 bites. Attention! 1 Bar = 2+ gels!

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