Pocket Rockets

A soft, melt in the mouth energy source delivers more energy than a chew and more quickly than an energy gel.

Combining twin energy sources from glucose, fructose and fruit, the energy absorption in the mouth considerably improves stomach comfort for a convenient way to dose your energy intake, whatever your sport.

Enjoy an effective alternative to energy gels to run out of day, not energy!

Performance Science

We’re devoted to developing high performance formulas that are palatable, enjoyable and effective!

Honed in the Lakes & Dales

Local, steep and deep terrains provides us with the proving ground to produce the best.

Ingredients For Success

Selecting all-natural and healthy options makes the difference to our bodies.

"I had no tummy issues after eating them and I felt the energy!"

"The texture is great, not sticky no mess easy to eat and they all taste great."

"VOOM is a nice addition to the market offering something quite different."