Sports Hydration & Electrolyte Drinks

VOOM sports hydration drinks are packed with electrolytes and nootropic supplements to replace what your body loses during exercise and avoid cramp and dehydration.

As little as a 2% drop in hydration can cause a 10% reduction in physical and mental performance - optimal hydration through electrolyte drinks is a great way to boost athletic performance.

Whether you're running on the fells or fuelling a gym workout, our sports energy drinks help to speed up hydration whilst boosting alertness, memory and focus with our specially developed VOOM cognition mix. We've done the research so you don’t have to!

How to properly hydrate for sports?

To properly hydrate for exercise you should drink enough fluids before as well as during, but in hoter conditions or if starting from a dehydated status you may also need to consume electrolytes. VOOM Hydrate contains full-spectrum electrolytes in a specifically formulated ratio to reflect the ratio and replace those lost in sweat.

Do sports drinks hydrate better than water?

How well or how quickly a drink hydrates the body depends on the 'tonic' status of the drink. The fastest acting drinks are hypotonic, meaning they have a lower concentration of salt and sugar than blood. This drives fluid uptake and water is quickly transported out of the stomach adn small intestines. Hypertonic sports drinks can offer more energy but a slower rate of absorption and therefore a slower hydration rate.

Why is hydration important in sport?

As mentioned, a drop in hydration by as little as 2% can result in a 10% reduction in performance. During exercise the body can lose up to 2l per hour, which also contains salts and minerals that are esential for normal body function. To avoid the comprimising effects of dehydration it is important to stay properly hydrated.