What to eat to run Marathon and Ultra marathons

How you fuel for a marathon or ultra marathon can make or break your event day. Check out VOOM's tips and tricks of what to...

Beau Smith
By Beau Smith


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When it comes to smashing your next marathon or ultra marathon event, fueling appropriately is just as important as doing all the training in the months before race day. When we want to get the most from our bodies in an endurance event, such as a marathon or ultramarathon, nutrition is key! 


A lot of personal preference comes into planning your nutrition strategy for an ultra marathon, however there are some performance-boosting go-to strategies which VOOM's own Jo Rycroft discusses in our latest video 'Eat Well, Race Well', along with plenty of winning tips! For top tips on other areas of your marathon training check out our first time marathon advice sheet with Steve Edwards!


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What to eat for a marathon?


Usually carbohydrates are considered an ideal form of energy for endurance running. Foods such as flapjacks, bananas and energy bars are popular forms of carbohydrates to be consumed before or during marathon running. Learn more about Carbohydrates here.


How to fuel an ultra marathon?


Fueling for an ultramarathon is typically similar to a regular marathon with the possible inclusion of more slower release energy forms such as more complex carbs and sometimes even some fats. MCT's, or medium-chain-triglycerides, can provide an alternative source of energy that the body can utilise during prolonged activity. Watch the video above to learn more about fueling for endurance running.


Best snacks for an ultra marathon


Popular marathon snacks include:



Whatever you choose to eat or drink, we strongly recommend always trying out your nutrition in training first. VOOM IN POWER UP!



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