Protein Bars & Recovery Shakes

Maximise the benefits of your workout with VOOM's protein recovery range. Enjoy VOOM quality whey isolate protein powder and tasty recovery protein bars.


VOOM's protein recovery range has products specifically formulated to replenish your muscles and refuel your body after exercise. Quality whey protein isolate and carbohydrates both ensure you're ready for your next training session. The VOOM RecoverFudge™ might just be the tastiest protein bar out there!

Don’t let the finish line be the end - recover fast and go again! Our protein shakes, whey isolate protein powders and protein recovery bars can supplement your protein intake to recover faster post-workout.

Are protein bars good for you?

Research has shown consuming protein post-workout can improve aid muscular repair and therefore recovery rates, and protein bars are a convenient way to take on this protein wherever you have been training. Used as a recovery supplement protein bars can form part of a healthy and balanced diet.

When to eat protein bars?

Research suggests within 30 minutes is the optimum time to consume a portion of protein after exercise. This is because in this time the body is most receptive to protein and it can stimulate muscle recovery and musclular adaption after training.

What do protein bars do?

VOOM's Protein RecoverFudge bar supplies a 10g serving of protein which begins the recovery process post-workout. This protein serving starts to process and ideally should be complimented with a full, balanced meal within 2-3hours after training to fully replenish the body.