VOOM’s Beau Smith Crowned World Duathlon Champion

Beau Smith recently won the 2023 AG Sprint Duathlon World Champs - find out more about the race, result and fuel!

Callum Robinson
By Callum Robinson


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The 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Festival saw over 3,000 amateur and elite athletes from across the world travel to the white Isle of Ibiza to compete for world championship medals in several different triathlon disciplines across a week long multisport festival. Events included Sprint Duathlon, Standard Distance Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon and Long Distance Triathlon. With 61 different nationals represented it was a celebration of multisport and the racing was hard fought throughout!


Brit Tri athletes ahead of duathlon world champs in Ibiza


VOOM’s very own Beau Smith was competing in the Age Group Sprint Duathlon champs, held in Santa-Eularia, over 5 years since last representing the GB Age Group team.


How did you prepare for the race?


Through the early part of the year I was doing fairly large volumes, certainly for a sprint distance race, mainly because I enjoy long days in the fells (running) and exploring new places on longer rides on the bike. This meant a good base of aerobic, lower intensity training, with a few shorter sessions and local races mixed in to maintain some speed. 


Beau Smith leads the way during the second run at 2023 world duathlon champs.


From March onwards it was all about sharpening up and building speed on top of the base fitness I’d built. That being said, I do have goals later in the year which require more endurance / slow twitch muscle fibre, so I tried to tick off a longer run (2hrs plus) and/or a longer ride (~4hrs) each week. Most weeks would involve a cycling interval session on the Watt Bike at or above threshold power, and a run interval session, perhaps 6 x 800m on the track or 4 x 1200m, something like that. I then also included several brick sessions in the final 4 weeks, practising running at 5km pace and above, with tired legs straight off a hard bike, either on the Watt Bike or outdoors.



What is it like to represent GB AG Group Team?


This was my third time competing for the Age Group team, and my first in duathlon. It was a great experience and GB always have one of the largest teams in terms of athletes competing and travelling supporters. Before and after the race we got chance to spend time with fellow GB athletes and the atmosphere amongst the team is always a supportive one. It was a proud moment to stand on the top step of the podium in my GB kit and there’s no doubt it’s fantastic to be involved in a sport where both amateurs and elites compete on the same courses at the same events. Attending the championships with my girlfriend Christie who was also competing in the sprint duathlon was fantastic too.


Duathletes Beau Smith and Christie Byrne after racing in the world duathlon champs in Ibiza 2023.



How did VOOM help you in a sprint duathlon?


For me there’s not too much to be gained nutrition-wise during the race itself (it only lasted 54 minutes) so the work was to be done beforehand to make sure I was on the start line in the best possible position to perform. In the 4 days prior to racing I ate 1-2 Powr Plant beetroot bars per day in order to elevate my nitrate levels ready to go on race day! I took them on either as snacks between meals or before morning training sessions - great for energy and nitrates, plus they taste great! I was also sipping my way through 500 - 1000ml of Hydrate Smart formula each day on top of normal drinks. This was to keep me hydrated and get the electrolytes in, especially whilst travelling and arriving in Ibiza before racing which is warmer than I’m typically used to.


30-34 Age Group world sprint duathlon champion 2023


The finishing touches to my VOOM powered race prep were on race morning when I had another beetroot bar (Raspberry flavour) with my porridge pot for breakfast around 3 hours before the start. I then sipped my way through 500ml of Hydrate Smart to top up hydration whilst dropping my kit off in the transition area and waiting to warm up. Finally, before starting my warm up, I had half a Beta Blast Pocket Rocket for a caffeine lift and the Beta Alanine which can reduce lactic fatigue; I had the second half between warm up and race start!


What’s next for you?


Since returning from Ibiza I have been busy with events including making a road marathon debut at Windermere Marathon, the Hyrox World Championships in Manchester (a functional fitness race) and the Ride London.


VOOM runner Beau Smith during 2023 Brathay Windermere Marathon


Next up for me is the Windermere Duathlon, which also happens to be a qualifying race for next years World Standard Distance champs, so it’s nice to race locally. I’m now also working toward the Outlaw Full Distance tri (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run) which is at the end of July and always attracts a strong field - plenty of time on the TT bike required.

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