Cycling Route - The Scenic Lincolnshire Wolds

Daniella Cullum shares a scenic road ride in Lincolnshire with instructions, GPX & cafe!

Daniella Cullum
By Daniella Cullum


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With a brilliant new route for you to enjoy around the Lincolnshire Wolds we have Team VOOM rider Daniella Cullum who kindly shares this one with us.

Prepare for an adventurous and scenic 55-mile (88km) bike ride combining winding country lanes and A-roads, with a challenging 2,200 ft ascent. This exciting journey includes a perfect pit stop at the Secret Garden Elsham Country Park to refuel at the café. The route is described starting from Waltham Windmill but the GPX files at the bottom of the page allows you to start from any point along the way.



Cycling From Waltham Windmill


Begin your journey at the windmill and head towards Brigsley (B1203). As you continue up Ashby Hill, savour the beautiful views of the picturesque village of Hatcliffe, which you'll reach by taking the first right turn. From Hatcliffe, ride through to the crossroads and turn left. Keep going until you reach the charming village of Thorseway.


Ride through the village until you come to a split in the road, and take the road to the right. At the top of the road, turn right (B1225) and then the first left towards the idyllic Normandy-le-Wold. At the T-junction, turn right and head to Nettleton. As you continue through the village, turn left at the junction and immediately turn right to Moortown. 



Nettleton Village


Keep pedalling down the expansive straight road to Moortown. At the crossroad, turn right and follow the road to the village of Howsham. Take the first left turn as you enter the village towards Cadney. The breathtaking views of the river Ancholme will accompany you as you pass through Cadney and head to the Market town of Brigg.



Follow the road through Brigg, and at the roundabout, go straight ahead (A18). Continue along the A18 until you reach the B1206 Barton Road on the left. Continue over the level, crossing past the golf course on the right, and then you'll see the well-anticipated sign for Elsham Country Park.




In less you're in a hurry, turn right into the park and follow the road until you come to buildings on the left. The Secret Garden Tearooms can be found through the glass doors, making for the perfect stop to refuel!


The Secret Garden Tearooms


A cup of coffee and sandwiches at the secret garden cafe in Lincolnshire.


After a much-needed break at the café, retrace your steps back to the main road and turn right onto the main road. At the top of the hill, turn right onto Wootton Road. Enjoy the lovely scenery as you travel downhill into Wootton, pass the duck pond, and turn right.






Follow the road to the T-junction and take a left turn to Ulceby. Take the B1211 on the right out of Ulceby, heading to Brocklesby. You'll encounter the Earl of Yarborough Estate on the right as you head towards Brocklesby. Go straight on at the crossroad through Brockelsby village. Then take the first right straight across at the crossroads, followed by the first left onto Limber Road. Follow the road to the crossroads and go straight across, heading for Swallow. At the next crossroads, again go straight across into Swallow and take the second turn on the left onto Beelsby Road. 




Take the second turn on the right to Beelsby Village. At the T-junction, turn left, stay on the road until the next T-junction, where you need to take a right, and head up to the roundabout. Turn left to Barnolby-le-Beck. 




Finally, follow the road to the next roundabout and go straight to Waltham. At the roundabout in Waltham, turn right and head back to the familiar windmill which marks the end of the ride.



 Explore The Lincolnshire Wolds By Bike




Download a GPX of the 'Lincolnshire Wolds' route here.



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