A. Our products are naturally balanced nutritional supplements which have been engineered to deliver energy and recovery. VOOM powers individuals and teams involved across a wide variety of activities to do their best better. Whether you are doing exercise for fun, fitness, as an amateur, a professional, into extreme and or endurance sports; VOOM has a proven track record that delivers results. Our product range provides easy energy on the move and our unique bar design allows you to bite off just the right amount when you need it. Next stop……NASA!

  • Q: How were the products trialled?

    A: The highly qualified team of VOOM sports nutrition geeks have spent over two years in product development with some intensive research on getting the right balance of ingredients vs performance. Products have been trialled by a range of extraordinary individuals & teams across a wide range of activities and in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

  • Q: What guarantees can you give to the consumer?

    A. We are totally committed to product excellence and therefore, our products contain the highest-grade raw materials and have undergone rigorous testing regime. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, please get in touch.

  • Q: What about Quality Control?

    A: All products are backed up by Certificates of Conformity, which provides us with a complete paper trail to each batch produced.

  • Q: Have you compromised on taste?

    A: Not at all. We are 100% confident all our products taste delicious! If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products please get in touch.

  • Q: Are any of the Active Ingredients in the VOOM product range on the IOC banned substance list.

    A: No. More info about Batch Testing coming soon though to our Research section.

  • Q: What does the Batch Tested logo mean on the VOOM product range

    A: This means that the VOOM products have been tested against an industry standard for food and drink products, to check for any banned substances as determined by the International Olympic Committee. The test is carried out by the UK’s LGC world class sports and anti-doping laboratory and VOOM have a certificate to authenticate this test.

  • Q: Why is VOOM hydration drink classed as a Hypotonic?

    A: A hypotonic glucose solution can increase water absorption by up to 40% compared to an Isotonic drink. Click HERE to see more info on the different types of ‘tonic’.

  • Q: What is the science behind some of the key ingredients, including Taurine, Caffeine, Guarana, Beta Alanine, B-vitamins, Electrolytes?

    A: The VOOM team have been meticulous in their attention to ensure the correct ingredients provide a performance benefit. Click HERE to see more on the science of key ingredients.

  • Q: Are the VOOM products gluten free, vegetarian, vegan?

    A: We’re glad you asked. Our pocket Rocket Range and Hydration drink are all gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegan friendly. Our Recover Fudge, as delicious as it is does not meet Vegan criteria.

  • Q: Are the VOOM products allergen friendly?

    A: Good question. We make no claims that our products are allergen friendly. Our products do highlight allergens in the ingredients list. We expect that our customers with allergies or food tolerances to check our product ingredients prior to purchase. Please read the ingredients of our products by clicking HERE 

  • Q: What does the Made in Britain logo mean?

    A: It is exactly what it says. We’re proud of this claim, our products are developed and made in Britain. We also use local suppliers and co-producers where possible. To learn more about Made in Britain click HERE.

  • Q: Why is the VOOM RecoverFudge classed as a protein fudge?

    A: Whey hey hey! We love fudge and our sports nutrition first RecoverFudge includes 10g of protein from whey isolate. Whey isolate is created by separating components from whey, a by product from the milk and cheese-making process.

  • Q: How do I work out the serving size?

    A: All of our Pocket Rocket range and Recover Fudge range include info on when and how much to take on the wrapper. Our Hydration pouches include the recommended mix ratio with water correct amount and each sachet provides the correct serving.

  • Q: How do I buy VOOM products?

    A: It’s very straight forward. Click HERE or select ‘Products’ from the menu above.

  • Q: Can I get next-day delivery?

    A: All orders are sent out next-day delivery if you order before 2pm Monday-Thursday. Orders placed on Friday should arrive on Monday. Orders placed over the weekend should arrive on Tuesday, with the exception of bank holidays.

  • Q: How much does delivery cost?

    A: Delivery is free if you spend over £30. For orders under £30, delivery will be £4. ALL delivery is next day.

  • Q: What happens if I can’t be in for delivery?

    A: Please specify a safe place to leave your VOOM delivery when you are checking out.

  • Q: I have another question which isn’t covered above?

    A: Send us an email, give us a call or pop in if you're passing. Coffee is always on!