Meet Steve Edwards, The Man Who Ran 1000 Marathons - A New World Record!

We catch up with the man who has completed 1000 marathons!

Steve Edwards
By Steve Edwards


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Running a sub 3:30 marathon? Nice job!

Running 1,000 marathons with an average finish time of sub 3:30? Sorry, what!?


Steve Edwards has been on a truly inspirational journey, spanning several decades, and has now completed his 1,000th official marathon, achieving an impressive sub 3:30 average finish time.



Steve officially completed a world-record breaking 1,000th marathon at the Milton Keynes Marathon on May the 6th. We caught up with Steve to hear a little more about his journey which started back in 1981!



Steve Edwards on Running 1000 Marathons


First marathon: Coventry, Oct 1981, aged 18.


Favourite: There are simply too many to mention, I've really enjoyed the thrill and atmosphere of big city marathons such as London, New York, Chicago etc. But I also love the peace & tranquility of low-key scenic events like Tresco in the Scilly Isles and Benbecula, Harris & Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.


Most scenic: Windermere, Tresco (Scilly Isles), Snowdonia, Tromso (Norway) .


Highlight: Achieving my original life goal of running a record 500 official marathons with a sub 3:15 average. However, I’m hoping that will be overshadowed with the 1000 marathons record come May 6th!


Lowlight: The Covid period, especially during the 2nd lockdown during the Winter in 2021 was a real low point. In truth, I almost gave up on the 1000 marathon record attempt!


What next!? (if it’s not too soon): I'm not too sure to be honest, but I'm looking forward to a good rest!





Steve Edwards running towards the finish of his 935th official marathon!


Steve Edwards' Marathon Advice


Incorporate core strength and weights into your training.

This will help you tick off your training with a reduced risk of injury. We’ve previously discussed some of the best strength and conditioning exercises for marathon runners here.


Marathon runner Steve Edwards completes strength training exercises with a swiss ball to support marathon performance


Vary the terrain of your training runs.

Learn to love the hills! Training on hilly routes will increase strength and stamina which you’ll put to the test in the final quarter of any marathon!


Vary the intensity and type of sessions.

Yes you need to build mileage at a steady intensity to help your body handle the distance of the event, but running at higher intensities in training, including interval training, will push your fitness on to the next level. In effect the higher work rates put a stress on the body which, when allowed subsequent recovery period, adapts to better handle the ‘stress’ next time out.


Plan your nutrition for event day.

Event day nutrition can have a huge impact on both your enjoyment and success in a marathon event. For me it’s always a big bowl of porridge with blueberries and honey 3 hours before the start and I then sip 750ml of Voom Hydrate drink leading up to the race start. I use a combination of the VOOM Pocket Rocket bars before and during and if possible also use VOOM Hydrate electrolyte drink during the race.


Especially if you’ve got other events and goals after your marathon, it can be really useful to optimise your recovery. I have VOOM Rapid Recovery drink, a RecoverFudge Protein bar & a banana afterwards to start the recovery process and replenish energy. I then follow this with a cheese or tuna salad sandwich, and pizza or lasagne and a beer or cider to enjoy later on!


A big thanks to Steve for taking the time to share some insight into running multiple, multiple marathons and the very best of luck for the final push!

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