Electro Energy
Pocket Rocket Energy Bar

✔️ Twice the energy of a electrolyte gel, delivering full spectrum electrolytes and magnesium.

✔️ Melt in the mouth texture delivers more energy than a chew and faster than an energy gel.

✔️ Four easy bites for portion control to maintain hydration and fight cramp.

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Rapid energy delivery!

Electrolyte energy bar to fuel your muscles with carbs and electrolytes to aid fluid balance and avoid cramp.

Additionally, B-vitamins contribute to a reduction in tiredness & fatigue, all topped off with delicious dried fruit.

  • Nutritional information

    Per 100gPer 47g Serving
    Energy1592 kJ748 kJ

    374 kcal176 kcal
    Fat0 g0 g
    of which Saturated0 g0 g
    Carbohydrates97 g45 g
    of which Sugar86 g41 g
    Fibre0 g0 g
    Protein0 g0 g
    Salt0.0 gtrace
    B-Vitamins2.4 mg1 mg
    Electrolytes255 mg120 mg
  • Ingredients


    Raw Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Dried Fruit (1%), Electrolytes (Tri-sodium Citrate, Pink Himalayan Salt, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Lactate) (0.3%), Natural Flavouring, B-Vitamins. No artificial sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives.

    For Allergens: Please see ingredients listed in bold.

  • Directions


    Eat one segment every 15 mins. One bar = 2+ gels.

  • FAQs
    • When should I use the Electro Energy bar?

      We recommend one square every 15-20 minutes during activity lasting upwards of 60 - 90 minutes to maintain blood glucose levels and replace electrolytes. With fast-acting carbs, electrolytes and B-vitamins the Electro Energy makes an excellent ‘go-to’ energy source for any sustained activity.

    • What is a Pocket Rocket?

      A Pocket Rocket bar is perhaps the best energy gel alternative on the market with twice the energy and none of the mess! With 45g of fast-acting carbs, these bars give you energy quickly, when you need it most, without stomach upset. Each fruity, melt-in-the-mouth bar comes in four easy chunks so you can dose your energy as and when required.

    • Do Pocket Rockets work faster than a gel?

      Pocket Rockets are designed with a texture that gradually melts in the mouth, allowing the glucose and active ingredients to be mainly absorbed through the gums into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach. This means the Pocket Rocket delivers energy to the muscles more quickly and more comfortably than energy gels.

    • Why add electrolytes to an energy bar or gel?

      Primarily to aid hydration, avoids cramp and assist carbohydrate absorption through the intestines via sodium-glucose cotransporters. Electrolytes are typically lost in sweat during exercise so delivering electrolytes in the Electro Energy bar or energy gels can help replace those losses to maintain performance.

    • What are the benefits of electrolytes in energy bars?

      Electrolytes aid hydration by speeding absorption of liquid from the intestines into the body more quickly. Electrolytes also improve muscle performance, maintain normal nervous system function and help avoid cramp. Electro Energy bar with 120mg of electrolytes is an alternative to some of the better performing energy gels which may contain electrolytes too.

    • What is the electrolyte content of an Electro Energy bar?

      Each 47g bar has 120mg of full-spectrum electrolytes. That means you’ll be taking on board all 5 key electrolytes in differing levels; sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride.

Packed with Energy & Electrolytes!

Pocket Rockets are designed as a handy, fast-acting energy source with the addition of electrolytes to help speed up your hydration with the ever present challenge to energise and hydrate in our activities.

For energy delivery there's glucose and fructose which melt in the mouth and allows carb absorption through the gums to quickly enter the bloodstream.

If you are only taking water on the course, the Electro Energy is the ideal source of energy and electrolytes.

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Stomach Comfort Plus 2x The Energy Of A Gel!

45g of carbs in the Pocket Rocket is happy on the stomach because of the way the energy is delivered more effectively to the bloodstream.

The Pocket Rocket is formulated with both fructose and glucose which can be absorbed directly from the gums into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and intestines.

This speeds up energy delivery to the muscles but crucially, is more comfortable on the stomach.

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Energise with B-Vitamins!

B-Vits have been shown to maximise energy release by supporting energy metabolism and contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

This is an energy bar with b-vitamins which are involved in the metabolism of both carbohydrates and proteins to help supply usable energy to the working muscles.

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