Recover Fudge™
Salted Caramel Protein Bar

Fast-acting, delicious salted caramel flavour recovery on-the-move or at home, perfect as a post session recovery treat.

gluten free
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Is this the best-tasting recovery protein bar?

Fast-acting, delicious salted caramel flavour recovery on-the-move or at home. Each protein bar serving is packed with 12g protein whey isolate and has optimum carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen. In addition MCTs from coconut oil provide an alternative energy source and endurance booster.

  • Nutritional information

    Nutritional Information

    Per 100gPer 50g Serving
    Energy1641 kJ820 kJ

    391 kcal195 kcal
    Fat14 g7 g
    of which Saturated7.2 g3.6 g
    Carbohydrates52 g26 g
    of which Sugar42 g21 g
    Fibre0.2 g0.1 g
    Protein20 g10 g
    Salt0.2 g0.1g
  • Ingredients


    Full cream Condensed milk (Milk, sugar, Lactose), VOOM Whey Isolate Protein Mix (Whey Protein, Glutamine) (Milk) (20%), Brown sugar, Glucose syrup, Cane sugar, Tapioca, Coconut oil, Rapeseed Oil, Butter (Milk), Pink Himalayan Salt (0.8%), EAAs. Allergens in bold.

  • Directions


    Eat one bar within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Aim to eat a balanced meal within 2-3 hours, to help put back everything you’ve taken out of it during training or competition. You can also enjoy Voom RecoverFudge™ any time you need a tasty, energising protein boost.

  • FAQs
    • When should I eat VOOM RecoverFudge?

      Aim to eat a bar or 50g serving of RecoverFudge within 30 minutes of exercise. It is in this period that the body is most receptive to macronutrient uptake to get the maximum effect on replacing glycogen and repairing muscle tissue. Ideally this should be followed up by a larger, balanced meal within 2-3 hours of training or competing.

    • Is whey protein beneficial?

      Whey protein is a great source of protein, one of the three essential macronutrients the body needs to function and remain healthy. The benefit of whey protein after training is the effect it can have in elevating protein synthesis - this helps to repair muscles after working out. Whey protein can also be helpful in weight control.

    • How much should I eat after exercise?

      Research shows that a serving of just 10g of protein is enough to elevate protein synthesis in the body, the intended outcome of consuming protein foods or products post-workout. For an endurance athlete it is also beneficial to have a good dose of carbs too, with a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 of carbs to protein being popular. For example if you have 1-g of protein, then 20-30g of carbs alongside this would be optimal.

Fast Recovery

Consuming protein isolate with carbohydrates boosts the speed of recovery of your muscles. For best results enjoy within 30 minutes of exercise.

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Fight DOMS!

Taking on fast-acting glucose in addition to protein enhances the uptake of the amino acids to repair your muscles and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness which can follow intense work outs.

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Bounce Back!

Bio-available whey isolate aids soft tissue repair and recovery, fighting the onset of DOMS.

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