Recovery Range
Taster Pack

Maximise the benefits of your workout with VOOM's protein recovery range. Enjoy VOOM quality whey isolate protein powder and tasty recovery protein bars.

gluten free
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Mixed Recovery Protein Bar and Shake Selection

The perfect treat post activity!


  • 1x Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Rapid Recovery Shake
  • 1x Salted Caramel RecoverFudge Bar
  • 1x Cacao & Cherry RecoverFudge Bar

Rapid Recovery!

AstraGin® kickstart the process of repair and regeneration to prepare for your next session.

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Fight DOMS!

Taking on fast-acting glucose in addition to protein enhances the uptake of the amino acids to repair your muscles and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness which can follow intense work outs.

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Bounce Back Faster!

We know you want to be ready to get out there again... VOOM's plant protein blend aids soft tissue repair and recovery, fighting the onset of DOMS.

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