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Windermere Marathon 2021 Video

A couple of weeks before the 2021 Asics Windermere Marathon we took a look at the event. VOOM's Beau Smith chatted to Race Director Scott Umpleby and covered the event details. Beau and Scott cover the most scenic parts of the course, the toughest climbs and the fantastic work the Brathay Trust does with the funds raised by the event as well as the best places for spectators to enjoy the event.

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Windermere Marathon Video Event Preview


Windermere Marathon Course Profile

How hilly is the Windermere marathon route and where are the key climbs to look out for? The first big climb, and the biggest on the route, is known as Devil's Gallop and falls about 7miles into the route. The other testing climb is known as Cooks Corner or Ice Cream Mountain and falls at about 21miles.

A course profile of the Windermere Marathon route course profile.


Best Views on the Windermere Marathon Route

The Windermere Marathon has previously been voted the UK's most scenic road marathon and its easy to see why. So, where are the best views on the Lake District marathon course? Some of the most scenic sections of the South Lake District can be seen on the Windermere Marathon - look out for:

  • Esthwaite Water
  • Hawkshead Village
  • Bowness Bay
  • Cooks Corner
  • Low Wood Bay
  • Water Head
  • Brathay Hall 



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