Try A Reflective Beanie This Winter - VOOM Running Hat

VOOM's reflective beanie is an ideal addition to your winter running kit list. Take a closer look at how our running hat can keep you...

Beau Smith
By Beau Smith


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"Must Have" Winter Running Kit…


Originally launched last winter this reflective running beanie is the perfect addition to your winter running kit. With a cosy, soft-touch Polar Fleece lining and hi vis reflective threaded yarn this running hat keeps you warm in the cold and highly visible in low-light conditions. Plus, with every sale resulting in a 10% donation going directly to charity it gives back too. Last winter the VOOM community helped us raise £1500 for 'The Sanctuary Project'. Let’s take a closer look…




What makes a good winter running beanie?


Firstly, your winter running kit needs to be warm! This winter beanie has a warm lining in the form of a comfy Polar Fleece material which keeps you cosy and warm on cold winter days. As we know, a runner taking on a British winter will end up running in dim conditions or darkness on a fairly regular basis so you want something that’s ideal for running in low light, perhaps a hi vis beanie.



Fleece lined warm winter beanie


The outer layer of VOOM’s running hat is made from knitted acrylic yarn containing reflective thread which offers high reflectivity and will really make the wearer stand out to drivers. Perfect for walking or running in the morning or evening, such as walking the dog, the VOOM reflective hat helps keep you safe and seen in darker conditions by bouncing light back to the source.



Multipurpose Beanie - Versatile for Day or Night


Whilst we enjoy running, and know plenty of you do too, we don’t always want to stand out in hi vis as ‘a runner’. That’s why we love the casual look of the VOOM beanie – its equally at home as an everyday hat! With dark navy knitted acrylic it can be both a hat for running and a casual beanie to keep warm in winter without the 'in-your-face' look of a hi vis reflective beanie.


A lady wearing a winter jacket and VOOM beanie hat kneeling down next to her dog



A Hat to Support Charity


Every VOOM Reflective beanie sold raises money for ‘The Sanctuary Project’ with 10% from every sale going directly to the charity. Organised by the Friends of The Lake District, the project supports NHS workers and paramedics whose mental health has been negatively affected by the Covid Pandemic. Launched at the beginning of 2021 VOOM's fantastic community helped us raise and donate £1500 for the scheme last winter - let's see what we can do this year!


The scheme uses nature therapy with activities such as tree-plating, bush craft, camping and outdoor swimming to help people reconnect with nature and cope with the difficulties brought about by a tireless fight against the pandemic. VOOM are proud to donate 10% from the sale of every reflective beanie directly to the charity so please do help us support the Sanctuary Project.


To learn more about The Sanctuary Project and the work they're doing you can read our previous blog here.



VOOM Charity Work Supporting NHS


To highlight the need for the work being carried out by The Sanctuary Project we spoke to VOOM ambassador and NHS Physiotherapist Isy Hawes.


"I started my physiotherapy placements during the latter half of the first COVID wave and despite the rest of the world opening up, we still see COVID patients daily - a lingering reminder of the last 18 months. The continuing positivity and motivation of frontline staff would fool you to almost forget the horrors caused by the global pandemic. The true toll on the mental health of workers has not yet become fully apparent although the early data is worrying.


I think the conversation is more on to what extent  has mental health has been affected rather than if it has been affected. Campaigns such as this project are vital; combining the outdoors, exercise and the benefits linked to mental health is an awesome idea which hopefully can help huge numbers of people who give so much to the frontline."


An Offer on the VOOM Winter Beanie


For a limited time only VOOM are offering more value by giving you 3 free Pocket Rockets when you get a VOOM Beanie... Grab yours now!
Reflective Beanie & Free Energy Bars



 Benefits of the VOOM High Vis Reflective Hat


  • Reflective yarn bounces light back to the source so you're more easily seen.
  • Breathable polar Fleece lining for a cosy feel and great warmth.
  • Great casual look during the day.
  • 10% donation per sale to the Sanctuary Project supporting NHS workers.



VOOM's range of sports nutrition products superimposed on a range of hills with the words Explore the VOOM range.


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