Easy, Tasty Protein Hot Chocolate with Protein Powder

What better way to recover & warm up after a damp run, ride or workout than with a delicious protein hot chocolate. This recipe is...

Beau Smith
By Beau Smith


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What better way to warm up and refuel after a winter workout than with a delicious protein hot chocolate using VOOM Rapid Recovery Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla protein powder. After a cold, damp run or cycle this recipe offers the perfect balance of indulgence and a protein hit to refuel and repair your muscles.


Learn more about protein for recovery here or read on to learn how easy it is to make this tasty protein hot chocolate recipe...


Can you make hot chocolate with protein powder?


A delicious protein-rich hot chocolate can be a lovely, indulgent protein source after a workout on a cold day. As a cyclist or runner based in the UK, coming home from a cold, damp run or ride to a comforting post-workout hot chocolate can be a real pick me up. You can simply add protein powder to your hot chocolate to boost your protein intake or kickstart and improve recovery after exercise. Naturally we feel VOOM Rapid Recovery Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Protein is the best protein powder to go in hot chocolate as it gives a really rich, chocolatey taste and texture!


A scoop of VOOM Protein powder going into a mug of protein hot chocolate


Is protein Hot Chocolate healthy?


As mentioned, a hot chocolate on a winter day can be so comforting and this is especially true if it’s a healthy protein hot chocolate – this hot drinking chocolate, in our opinion one of the best protein hot chocolate recipes, is pretty fulfilling containing 314kcal with only 3.9g of sugar and just over 25g of protein! While it might not suit those who are restricting calories, it would be ideal to refuel and recover after exercise to replenish the muscles or for anyone wanting to increase protein intake. Its worth noting that adding in the optional cocoa powder and cacao nibs will push the calories and macronutrient totals up.


Does hot water damage protein powder?


There is a belief that hot water damages protein so it won’t be as useful in the body. Whilst hot water may change the structure of protein, the proteins are made of a chain of amino acids and its these building blocks that we want from consuming protein shakes. In short, NO hot water doesn’t damage protein powder, nor does heating protein powder as an ingredient in hot chocolate, porridge or other protein recipes!


A large spoon full of cocoa powder to make protein hot chocolate


What’s the difference between cocoa and cacao?


When using shop bought hot chocolate powders you may see both cocoa and cacao on the ingredients labels. They sound similar, and they are similar in many ways, both coming from the beans of the cacao plant which are then fermented. For cacao, the fermented beans are milled into powder, while cocoa is roasted and processed at a higher temperature.


Cacao has a more bitter taste but retains more nutritional value as the beans are a source of iron, magnesium and flavanols with anti-oxidant benefits. Cocoa is slightly sweeter in taste but the roasting process reduces the nutritional benefit somewhat and packets of cocoa often have added sugar or sweetener and sometimes dairy. For taste and flavour, most people tend to prefer opting for cocoa instead of cacao, but that said cacao nibs can work in hot chocolate as featured in the VOOM protein hot chocolate recipe.


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How to make Protein Hot Chocolate


[[ recipeID=recipe-9kvl4zru2, title=Easy, Delicious Protein Hot Chocolate with Protein Powder ]]


Best Toppings For Protein Hot Chocolate


Once you’ve created this tasty protein hot chocolate recipe you may want something to serve it with… As with most of the best protein hot chocolate recipes the calorie count and nutritional info for this recipe doesn’t include any toppings. However, what better way to enjoy your protein hot cocoa drink than with your favourite indulgent toppings!


  • Cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Fudge
  • Chocolate shavings
  • Whatever you fancy – treat yourself!



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