Ambleside Trail 60km Race Report - Vooming Up the Hills

VOOM were excited to support the Brathay Trust's Ambleside Trail 60 event again this year. One runner tackling the challenge was Emma Holmes, having won...

Beau Smith
By Beau Smith


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As a partner to the Brathay Trust’s events programme VOOM were really excited to be supporting the AT60 event again in 2020 and we were lucky enough to be given two places in the event. After running a competition on social media we had two lucky winners taking on the 60km ultra event. One of those runners was Emma Holmes who has written a review about her experience...


“In terms of the hardcore of ultrarunners the Ambleside 60k may well seem like a little trot out.  I saw it referred to on Strava as a “baby ultra” but please don’t let the distance of this event fool you, it might be small but it’s truly mighty! The course profile almost looks like an ECG print out – up, down, up, down, up, down and I can confirm that those fells do feel like the gift that keeps on giving.


It has the ability to lull you into a state of false security early doors. It’s got a beautiful trail with a steady rolling undulation, rewarding you with the most spectacular views (which continue throughout the whole race) without beating you with a stick or leaving your legs begging for mercy. The second two thirds of the race takes on a more fell running kinda personality, becoming more gnarly and challenging and in some places downright brutal.


Trail runner Emma Holmes runs on a rough track in front of a Lakeland tarn.

Photo credit: Anthony Harvey Photography 


The savior for me? The ready supply of the humble Voom Pocket Rocket Caffeine Kick. For a caffeine-based energy bar it’s incredibly forgiving gastro-ly and certainly doesn’t leave the unpleasantries that some caffeine energy bars do.  My love of the VOOM products is their ease of consumption.  They are super easy to split into four servings, without you having to carry a whole sticky product in your hand or consume it all at once...


Do I recommend the event as a whole (with good training) – it’s a hell yeah from me!  Just the right level of brutal and unforgiving to test you big time, but rewarded by the most amazing views and a sense of achievement that will stay with you for a long time.”


To read the full (more detailed) report head to Emma’s Feisty Endurance Junkie blog. If you're preparing for an event why not read up on Race Day Nutrition? If you enjoyed this blog please do sign up to our newsletter below to receive new blogs and articles.




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