Pow® Plant Endurance Bar
Rhubarb & Ginger

POWR Energy Bars are naturally rich in nitrates from beetroot to support blood flow with a NO boost. A tasty organic oat flapjack with beetroot, grape and apple concentrates. Skip the beetroot shot and enjoy POW® Plants!

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POW® Plant Endurance Energy Bar with Nitrates

A fruity Rhubarb & Ginger energy bar, packed with goodness to fuel your day with a combination of slower release carbs from oats, fast release short and medium chain sugars from fruit juice and usable energy from coconut MCTs for an endurance boost. Each bar contains one whole beetroot, naturally rich in nitrates, which aids oxygen flow to muscles with a NO boost.

    • Nutritional information

      Nutritional Information

      Per 100gPer 60g Serving
      Energy1714 kJ1029 kJ

      408 kcal245 kcal
      Fat17 g10 g
      of which Saturated13.2 g7.9 g
      Carbohydrates57g34 g
      of which Sugar32 g19 g
      Fibre9 g5.5 g
      Protein7 g4 g
      Salt0.39 g0.24 g
    • Ingredients


      Organic gluten free oats (32%), apple & grape juice concentrates, freeze-dried beetroot (20%), coconut oil (13%), beetroot concentrate (8%), desiccated coconut, pectin, organic freeze-dried rhubarb (1%), ground ginger (0.6%), L-arginine, natural flavour.

      For Allergens: Please see ingredients listed in bold.

    • Directions


      Eat one bar 2-3 hours before exercise, for energy and a nitrate boost.

    • FAQs
      • What are the benefits of beetroot?

        Each bar is packed with the equivalent of a medium sized beet and therefore the associated dietary nitrates. The health and performance benefits of nitrates are widely researched, you can read in more detail about how nitrates can boost your performance. Dietary nitrates cause a Nitric Oxide boost in the blood which in turn can help lower blood pressure and improve arterial blood flow through vasodilation of capillaries. This enhanced blood flow has been found to aid sporting performance in a range of research trials and studies.

      • How do I use the POWR bars?

        1) For the performance-driven we recommend 1 - 2 bars daily for 3 days before you compete; this is because dietary nitrates have been shown to boost blood nitrite levels and aid performance. Another bar around 2-3 hours before competition will keep blood nitrite at peak levels. Read more about the importance of nitrates for athletes here.

        2) Secondly the beetroot Pow® Plant bars are endurance energy bars, so they’re perfect for eating out on a longer ride, run or hike - anytime you need to keep your energy topped up. VOOM ambassadors have used them to great effect as part of their strategy during ultra-running events, triathlons and even around climbing competitions.

        3) Pow® plant energy bars can also make a healthy snack bar as part of your daily life for example when you need a quick snack after work and before you train. They’re also the perfect tasty snack between main meals throughout the day or when you want a light snack before a morning run.

    Packed with dietary nitrates to aid blood flow.

    Freeze-dried beetroot, a natural dietary nitrate source can boost nitric-oxide levels to aid blood flow.

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