Cycling the Transfagarasan Challenge

Jeremy Clarkson described The Transfagarasan Highway as "the best driving road in the world" - how about on for cycling?

Callum Robinson
By Callum Robinson


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Yes, Jeremy Clarkson did describe this road as being “the best driving road in the world,” but having now visited it and with both Beau and Christie having ridden it, we think it’s pretty awesome for cycling too.



A pair of cyclists riding up the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania

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Tomorrow is the Transfargarasan Challenge, an event near Sibiu, Romania which will see 500 riders able to race up the road while it’s closed, before the worlds best riders race it as the final climb of stage 2 of the Sibiu Cycling Tour. Today we headed out for a recce and to photograph the amazing scenery with our friend Christian, a local cyclist and photographer from Sibiu. After all, if a road looks this good, then you deserve to see it - from a VOOM perspective.


Snaking it’s way through the trees, the Transfagarasn Highway rises from the glacial plains near to the city of Sibiu, and the road has a steady gradient averaging around 6.5 % - unfortunately the gradient goes on for 25 km though! This of course makes the climb long enough to require good nutrition and hydration!


A male and female cyclist ride up a hill following a van

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It’ll be a great day for Beau and Christie, racing this road in the 2022 Transfargarasan Challenge. A healthy lifestyle with sports at the centre, and having a personal goal is good for both physical and mental well-being, and that means feeding your body with the right products too. If you’re looking for your own fitness challenge, then maybe the Transfargarasan Highway could be your route for 2023. If it is, then take a look at our product ranges, and let VOOM help you to achieve those goals.


See you at the top!


Thanks to Christian of for the images, you can see more of his fantastic images here.





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