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VOOM Power Up The Rockman Swimrun

As one of the most iconic swimrun events in both Norway and the world, the Rockman Swimrun is a fantastic event for VOOM to work with. Swimrun is a sport which has developed specifically in Scandinavia and sees pairs of competitors complete a series of running and swimming legs over various islands or peninsulas and typically going in and out lakes, fjords, the sea or other of bodies of water several times.

The landscape is dramatic and the challenge is tough, exciting and very much out in the wild, so is an ideal event in which to use VOOM products!


Video credit Aktive Hoder AS.


What is Rockman Swimrun?

The Rockman Swimrun tells the story of a legend, enacted in the stunning and harsh landscapes of the Norweigan Fjords. In particular the event centers on Preikestolen, or the Pulpit Rock, a huge, flat-topped rock perched on the mountain side 600m above Lysefjord.

Breath taking view over Lysefjord and the surrounding mountains from the Preikestolen Pulpit Rock summit as competitors reach the checkpoint during the Rockman swimrun event.

Photo credit: Pierre Mangez

Competitors must battle up to the summit of Preikestolen but the forest trails are rough and gnarly making them difficult to run, even for experienced athletes. This iconic event challenges pairs of competitors in many ways as they swim and run around the breath-taking Lysefjord area.

Two runners follow a wide open trail beside a small lake during the Rockman Swimrun event in Norway

Photo credit: Jose Miguel Muñoz Egea


How far is the Rockman Swimrun?

The Rockman offers two event distances known as the Long Course and the Short Course. The Long Course event covers 39km with 10 swim stages totaling 6km, and 33 km of trail running, split over 10 stages. The running route takes in 2500m of vertical gain, including the famous 4444 Flørli Stairs.

A mixed pair tackle the Flørli Stairs above Lysefjord during the Rockman Swim Run event

Photo credit: Jose Miguel Muñoz Egea


The Short Course is 21.5km in length, comprising 3km of swimming, over five stages, and 17.5km of running, again over 5 stages. The Short Course starts with an exciting ferry jump into the refreshing fjord, and still has a demanding 1100m of elevation whilst running, again taking in the Flørli Stairs.

Competitors climb the massive Florli 4444 wooden staircase during Rockman swimrun event

Photo credit: Jose Miguel Muñoz Egea


What is the Flørli 4444 Stairs?

The Flørli Stairs are the longest wooden stair case in the world with 4,444 steps leading from the cool waters of Lysefjord up the mountain side to an elevation of 750m! Accessible by boat, the steps are a popular tourist spot for anyone looking for a challenging hike with breath taking views. The Stairs run alongside two old hydroelectric pipelines and trolley tracks, and there's a power museum, information centre and cafe at the base of the steps. Competitors in the Rockman Swimrun event must make the grueling ascent as they follow the path of a Legend.

A mixed pair of competitors reach the finish banner of the Rockman swimrun event in Norway, running with arms in the air.

Photo credit: Jose Miguel Muñoz Egea


To see more spectacular videos and learn more about the event check out the Rockman website. If you want to explore an amazing area and challenge yourself alongside a team mate, this really could be a once in a lifetime experience...


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