Exclusive 13 Valleys Ultra
Taster Pack

A full selection of our Pocket Rocket range, 90g of Carbs Energy Drink and our Hydrate Smart. Enjoy your energy on the go, whichever route you choose! 

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Photos courtesy of Steve Ashworth

gluten free
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The Pocket Rocket Electro Energy bar offers fast-acting energy to keep you on the move. With twice the power of an energy gel it also has electrolytes to aid hydration and avoid cramp as well as B-Vitamins to help energy delivery and reduce fatigue.

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VOOM's unique Fusion blend of three carb sources. Sports physiology research has consistently shown a carb intake of 60-90g is beneficial for sports performance in exercise events lasting 2.5hrs or longer.

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The Caffeine Kick and Beta Blast both contain caffeine which has been proven to fight fatigue and give a mental and physical boost.

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