Sports Drink
Taster Pack

✔️ 1 x Fusion Fuel Apple & Blackcurrant.

✔️ 1 x Fusion Fuel Unflavoured

✔️ 1 x Hydrate Smart Orange & Mango

gluten free
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Rapid & World Beating!

  • Fusion aims for maximum delivery & exogenous CHO oxidation, whilst maintaining stomach comfort.
  • Fusion blends fruit-based fructose and two dextrin sources to achieve maximum carb uptake/oxidation and deliver more energy with 90g per serving!
  • Our Hydrate Smart has a hypotonic formula that will hydrate or rehydrate you up to 40% faster than isotonic fluids. 
  • Full spectrum of electrolytes and magnesium to stave off the dreaded cramp.

Faster gastric emptying and carbohydrate absorption from the small intestine to maximise stomach comfort.

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A unique blend of three carbohydrate sources to maximise carbohydrate absorption and oxidation.

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This hypotonic formula will hydrate or rehydrate you up to 40% faster than isotonic fluids. Just a 2% drop in hydration can lead to a 10% drop in both mental and physical performance. This drink has been designed for rapid fluid delivery, to keep your body working the best it possibly can.

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Apple & Blackcurrant / Sachet  


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