Beta Alanine
Pocket Rocket Energy Bar

✔️ Twice the energy of a beta gel, delivering rapid energy pre workout.

✔️ Melt in the mouth texture delivers more energy than a chew and faster than an energy gel.

✔️ Four easy bites for portion control and fatigue resistance from caffeine & taurine.

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Pre-workout energy bar with beta alanine for high intensity efforts.

Beta alanine energy bar ideal for high intensity workouts & races.

Push harder with 2g beta-alanine & 100mg caffeine for a mental & physical boost, all with a zesty freeze-dried orange flavour.

  • Nutritional information

    Per 100gPer 47g Serving
    Energy1524 kJ716 kJ

    358 kcal168 kcal
    Fat0 g0 g
    of which Saturated0 g0 g
    Carbohydrates92 g43 g
    of which Sugar82 g39 g
    Fibre0 g0 g
    Protein0 g0 g
    Beta Alanine5 g2 g
  • Ingredients

    Raw cane sugar, glucose syrup, water, beta alanine* (5%), freeze-dried orange (1%), natural flavouring, caffeine and guarana (0.3%). No artificial sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives.

    For Allergens: Please see ingredients listed in bold.

  • Directions

    Eat 1-2 cubes 15-30 minutes before the ‘Go’. *Beta alanine may cause a tingling sensation, which is perfectly normal. Do not consume more than four bars per day. This product is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 or pregnant women.

  • FAQs
    • When should I use the Beta Blast Pocket Rocket?

      The Beta Blast with 2g of beta alanine makes the perfect pre-workout supplement especially before high-intensity training or races. Fast-acting carbs boost blood glucose levels, beta-alanine fights lactic acid, and caffeine gives stimulation, all in all boosting muscular performance. Beta alanine has also been shown to improve sprint finish performance during cycling races so you can use this bar in the closing stages of a race to give a boost for the finish! Learn more about the benefits of Beta-alanine in our blog article here.

    • What is Beta alanine?

      Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid involved in production of muscle carnosine. Carnosine is an intra-cellular buffer stored in the muscles which helps reduce lactic acid build up. As lactic acid is produced at a higher rate during intense exercise, beta alanine is a much more effective supplement for shorter, high intensity efforts.

    • How does Beta-alanine improve performance?

      Beta-alanine consumption can increase levels of muscle carnosine which is a buffer to lactic acid, therefore this amino acid can help prevent lactic build up in the muscles, allowing athletes to push harder for longer (Harris et al., 2006). The effects are most pronounced in high-intensity activity lasting 1 - 4minutes. (Trexler et al. 2015).

    • Will the Beta Blast make my mouth or lips tingle?

      Beta alanine can cause a tingling sensation around the mouth, lips or skin, known as paraesthesia. Whilst this doesn’t happen in everybody it can be a little alarming if you’re not expecting it. Tingling from beta-alanine is completely normal and perfectly safe.

    • What's the daily recommended dose of Beta-alanine for performance?

      Research suggests a daily intake of 4-6g of beta alanine is optimal for at least 2 - 4 weeks (International Society of Sports Nutrition ISSN, 2015). This dose boosts carnosine levels in skeletal muscles which in turn maximises the lactic-buffering capacity.. Studies also found that on average there was a more pronounced effect in older individuals whose muscle carnosine tends to decrease slightly with age. The Beta Blast Rocket contains 2g of beta alanine per bar.

Packed with Beta Alanine

Packed with Beta-alanine so you can push harder! Beta-alanine has been shown to reduce build up of lactic acid. During high-intensity exercise the amino acid beta alanine can increase levels of muscle carnosine, which in turn buffers the hydrogen ions from lactic acid that increase sensations of fatigue.

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Enhance Your Focus!

Enhance your focus with caffeine to keep your eyes on the prize. Caffeine is scientifically proven as an effective stimulant, which significantly increases your focus and reduces your perceived level of effort.

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Energise Faster - Race Faster!

Fuel your body with fast-acting glucose to maintain energy levels. While caffeine and beta alanine boost performance, this energy bar also fuels your body with fast-acting glucose to maintain energy levels to go stronger for longer.

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