The Ziggurat Special ENERGY PACK

Exclusive to Ziggurat event athletes.

A full selection of our Pocket Rocket range, 90g of Carbs Energy Drink and our Hydrate Smart. Enjoy your energy on the go, whichever Ziggurat race you're doing


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    One discount use per customer and address, UK customers only.

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    Power Up Your Cycling
    With VOOM

    VOOM's Pocket Rocket range of energy bars offer fast acting carbohydrates in four easy bites, meaning you can dose energy as and when you need.

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    Maximised carbohydrate absorption and utilisation. VOOM's unique Fusion blend of three carb sources.

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    Full spectrum of electrolytes and magnesium to stave off the dreaded cramp. VOOM Hydrate also contains our nootropic cognition formula designed to increase focus, decrease reaction time and increase alertness. Hydrate faster and up your game with VOOM.

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    Ziggurat Special

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