Ultra Running
Nutrition Pack

Hydrate and energise your ultra training & event day. The Ultra Running Nutrition Pack delivers energy, hydration and recovery in a tasty, stomach-friendly way. Run out of day, not energy!

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Easy hydration & nutrition for ultra running

With ultra runners in mind, enjoy a selection of the VOOM range. For energy it packs a real punch with the ever-popular, gel-beating Pocket Rockets and Fusion Fuel (an industry-leading 90g carbohydrate per serve!)

More Energy, More Quickly

VOOM delivers you maximum energy in a stomach-friendly way. The melt in the mouth texture of the Pocket Rocket and unique tri carb blend of Fusion Fuel both reduce risk of stomach upset.

Carbohydrate intake during prolonged duration events has been shown to boost performance amongst runners.

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Hydrate Quickly

Avoid cramp and maintain focus by optimising your hydration. By replacing what you're losing in salt VOOM can keep you going stronger for longer.

VOOM's electrolyte mix contains full spectrum electrolytes to speed up fluid uptake, maintain normal muscle function and keep you going throughout your ultra!

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Boost Your Recovery!

Optimise your recovery to maximise the benefit of your training and be ready to go again tomorrow!

All VOOM Recovery products contain a balance of carbohydrates and protein for rapid nutrient absorption. Carbs replenish the body's glycogen stores while protein help repair muscle tissues and reduce DOMS.

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