Taste Success

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We have spent 10 months developing VOOM® to deliver energy in the most palatable way we know (the result of developing sports nutrition for professionals since the 2000 Sydney Olympics).

Performance & taste are always at the forefront of all our products. We focus on the mouth feel when you're pushing your physical limits and stomach friendly formulas, so you can comfortably and enjoyably meet your nutrition and hydration needs.

We design our products with energy that is rapidly digested so it doesn’t sit heavily in the stomach. The VOOM Pocket Rockets and Hydrate use the sport science we know works to deliver the right ingredients for success…  

When it’s time to recover, we have packed high quality whey protein Isolate into our handy, tasty ‘RecoverFudge' ™ - now that’s Voom-tastic!

Feedback from our VOOM test pilots is central to everything we do here at mission control – see their first thoughts below…

Steve Edwards  
Pictured here finishing his 750th sub 3:30-hour marathon. Steve has been testing our Hydrate over the past few months…


“The temperature at the London 2019 marathon was particular hot and the test Hydrate drinks were unbeatable for rapid rehydration and staving of cramp…I think it’s the full spectrum of electrolytes that’s crucial, rather than just sodium.”

“I think the Pocket Rockets are a great addition to your nutrition strategy… with the power of two gels they are very easy to eat and I use both, just to mix up different tastes and textures.”    

Mission Control – Thanks Steve for the feedback, we look forward to supporting you towards your 1000 marathon goal. To follow Steve’s progress check out his twitter & Facebook…

Malcolm Collins
“Day 4 is now complete at the Brathay 10in10 and I've been trying your products….

…The Smart Hydration is very nice. Lemon & Lime wouldn't be my first choice of flavour but I've got to admit it is really nice to taste and I've really enjoyed it. As always it has been very easy on my stomach and even in this warm weather it has worked brilliantly at keeping me hydrated.”

“The VOOM protein Recover-Fudge is also very nice, I've used it with my protein shake after each day. It's hard to gauge how effective this is but I really like it and it is very tasty.”

“The Pocket Rocket Beta Blast - I have had one each day at about mile 16. The texture of the bar and it's moistness is very easy to eat/chew while running. The initial orange flavour is a bit unusual and pleasantly sweet. I've found it a bit too much to eat a full bar so have had half each day. Having said that I've noticed I run the next few miles very well so I think there is something very good in them which is helping my running. I will continue to do the same thing for the rest of the event.”

Mission Control - We wish you the very best in your fund raising 10-in-10 marathon supporting a very special chartiy and their work with the younger generations. To folllow Malcolms Brathay 10-in-10 challenge and support him see the links below…